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Spectre review

Posted : 7 years, 8 months ago on 11 September 2016 04:34 (A review of Spectre)

After the little disappointment of previous Skyfall, Spectre was better and at least some secret weapons that made 007 famous returned, though in part .
I like the new characters of M and Q, also Moneypenny not bad, the prime minister was hateful, (well was his work) and at the end I was happy they stopped him.
Great action on Mexico, Rome car chase and in the snow of the Alps. Monica was very into the sad widow, maybe too much. Lea at the beginning I seemed she was not very confident but after she good companion for Bond.

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The Adventures of Tintin review

Posted : 8 years, 4 months ago on 22 December 2015 05:46 (A review of The Adventures of Tintin)

Excellent movie!
Wow, i watched it yesterday and it was amazing, the best cartoon movie ever util now.
When i have seen the end i thought, is it already ended no... the hour and fortyfive minutes passed in a flash, good sign means that people enjoy it, and i love it!
Superb effects due to being filmed with the motion capture and totally in 3D, has an excellent realism, the water of the sea seems real also how it moves and the trasparency too, the motion of all characters is fluid and not like robot in many cartoons or videogames. Plus there is lot of action and i never bored waching it. Shades and colours are perfect too, in Haddock arm are visible veins and hair too amazing!

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Hachi: A Dog's Tale review

Posted : 10 years ago on 3 May 2014 01:36 (A review of Hachi: A Dog's Tale)

Hachiko was good movie, i watched for the first time and i liked also because i love dogs. It is touching how can be faithful and loyal a dog, it can ask only food from you but what gives to you in exchange is way a lot. At the end is shown that the movie is based on real story happened in Japan, and there is the statue of this faithful dog in Shibuya station in Tokyo.
It is amazing how a dog can do for the owner, maybe not all the dogs are like this but they have high sense of friendship and devotion that humans doesn't have.
Happy that Hachiko didn't been hit because i have seen owners that hit their dogs and always forgive their owners instead to be upset.
Hachiko gave so much to his owner Parker (R.Gere) waiting for him outside the station for years, the Japanese dog did it for 9 years, that's for show dogs are really the best friend and not the humans race.

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Jack and Jill review

Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 26 March 2014 06:42 (A review of Jack and Jill)

I have seen this movie some day ago, well it is not the masterpiece, just a movie for pass 2 hours with fun. Yes always if someone likes Adam Sandler. I like his movies, and i had fun watching it, hilarious was when Jill left her shade on the mattress! i agree Al Pacino don't match at all with Adam movies but they choose him.. One girl like Jill can be found in real life too, she is funny because she is rude and cocky. I'm the only one that like it (a little) this movie seems.. by the way i didn't want to know a Jill lol.
Also the scene of the cinema was funny, the son of Jack said to him "your sister is similar to you" they are! eating, laughing, scratching, at the same time, hope Adam sisters aren't like Jill !

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Skyfall review

Posted : 11 years, 4 months ago on 26 December 2012 04:51 (A review of Skyfall)

I watched Skyfall and i must say, i 'm little disappointed.
I expected more from it, the beginning was great with the bike/car chase in Istanbul, until Bond killed again ? noo i have already seen that ! the story about terrorists attacking MI6 building wasn't good, we have already the fear of that in real life, didn't wanted to see on movies too.
Javier Bardem lol this is i can say, the worse of all villains of 007 films, not credible as villain and seems out from a Batman movie! and with that blonde hair !
Also not gadget at all ! in the past films lot of gadgets and mysterious villains and in Skyfall one fake blond silly villain...
I know they want let us know they changed M, Moneypenny and Q but i wanted a better screenplay, but maybe i'm the only one since Skyfall beat box office record in UK.
Hope the new 007 it is better :)

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Vampire in Brooklyn review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 March 2012 06:04 (A review of Vampire in Brooklyn)

Maybe is not the best in the Eddie Murphy career
but i found it very funny in several scenes
the one in particular when he must talk in church forced by one person (he choose Eddie like a substitute of the usual priest) the bad is necessary ! lol and after he finish to talk he send to hell people that listen him in street while they singing the bad is good, that's was funny.
also Eddie chauffeur that while he clean the limo one of his hands broke and he tries to put on it again .
in general is good to watch .

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull review

Posted : 12 years, 6 months ago on 11 November 2011 05:05 (A review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Yesterday i watched this movie for the second time, lol first time i lost the end because i fall asleep ... Indy get older but still good.
lot of action and surprises the Indiana son, aliens starship at the end and some almost true facts area 51 and i heard once crystal skull really exist .
in complex is good to watch just one thing i don't like mutt Shia... is not credible he plays the role of the tough guy with that baby face ! was better have chosen another actor for this role .
ok the return of Marion and good Cate Blanchett like Irina ( i didn't recognize was her)

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From Dusk Till Dawn review

Posted : 12 years, 7 months ago on 18 October 2011 03:13 (A review of From Dusk Till Dawn)

really Tarantino movie until the end that show up Maya vampires, mad Quentin that let put Salma feet in his mouth and have drank too ! lol

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Dude, Where's My Car? review

Posted : 12 years, 7 months ago on 6 October 2011 05:23 (A review of Dude, Where's My Car?)

funny for me this movie and Seann is perfect for the dumb role lol movie has low rating not many like this genre maybe one should be little mad like the two actors on the movie to like it !

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The Girl Next Door review

Posted : 12 years, 7 months ago on 6 October 2011 05:14 (A review of The Girl Next Door )

I know Elisha from this movie and i was stunned about her beautiful face ! movie is good and funny too from then i loved Elisha lol

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